Contract manufacturing of liquid feed supplements

                    We are young and dynamic company specialized in the production of private label liquid feed supplements for all kind of animal species. Each animal has its own needs and always has the risk under certain circumstances to face malnutrition. Setting up a dedicated approach with the correct nutrional supplements on the right moment could support these animals optimally.    

                    Using an intensive two-way collaboration we support our client totally, starting with the original idea over the product development and production until the final delivery of the goods. Thanks to our experience we can advice you always in the best way, nutritionally and technically. 

                    So, we are the partner you are looking for to set up or finetune your own range of liquid feed supplements!

                    Ons team

                    Our company values


                    Total approach

                    Support of your project from idea till finished product due to our in-house experience of product development and production management. 


                    Unique combination of widely applicable machinery with endless possibilities of ingredients and packaging. 


                    Many years of nutritional expercience combined with lots of technical expertise to produce all the high-tech liquid supplements you want.

                    Animal species


                                We can produce supplements for all kind of animal species, going from animal husbandry to pet food.








                    Nutriliq is known for its extreme flexibility towards its clients. We have the ambition that our customers have a big deal in the development process of the ideal products. Therefore our R&D team always sets up a mutual project to look for the best possible ways to enter all your wishes about the product.  

                    Liquid feed supplements could be used in many different ways, depending on the type of product and desired application:

                       ► Supplemented in the drinking water
                       ► Supplementen in/on/through the feed
                       ► Drench products
                       ► Gels
                       ► ...
                    We could offer you a very extensive range of possible ingredients for the formulation of your product:

                       ► Vitamins
                       ► Minerals en oligo elements
                       ► Amino acids
                       ► Fytogenics, plant extracts en essential oils
                       ► Prebiotics
                       ► Energizers
                       ► ...

                    If the ingredient you wish for is not in-house or you have your own ingredient to make a big success of your product, we always look for the best possible solution.
                    The flexibility of our machinery gives us the opportunity to fill all kind of packaging. Small, handy bottles for specialty products to container truck for commodities. We could offer following standard packaging: 

                       ► Bottles: 500 ml - 1000 ml
                       ► Cans: 5 liter - 10 liter - 20 liters
                       ► Drums: 200 liters
                       ► IBC: 1000 liters
                       ► Bulk

                    If you prefer you own packaging, we look for the best possible way to incorporate this in our process.