We take care of your products.

Quality is our number 1 priority!!

The complete production process is designed from A to Z to deliver a high-quality end product. Starting from purchasing until delivery of the goods we postulate severe demands to be able to supply our customers with the perfect product that meets all their whishes. 

FCA certification

The complete production process of Nutriliq is certified by OVOCOM to meet the standard quality requirements of the FCA label. 

This guarantees our customers always a totally transparant and reliable product that could be used in a safe manner.

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Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Quality lab

Every incoming ingredient and outgoing product is tested to be conform the postulated demands to ensure all quality requirements.

Excessive quality testing enables us to guarantee our customers they are alwyas buying high-quality feed supplement.


All the energy needed for the production process is 100% green and renewable and is produced locally. Also the water use is minimized due to an unique rinsing system without any residuals.

By doing so, your goods are produced with a minimal impact on our climate.

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