Custom made recipes

With passion for animal health and performance.

Animal care

It is our ambition to use our knowledge of formulation to improve animal health and performance


The Nutriliq team is known for its thorough knowledge of raw materials which allows us to make the best formulas for the animals. Nutriliq is also very keen to share this knowledge with its customers.


We like to focus on each individual customer. We like to say what we do and do what we say.


This is what we stand for. We make it a sport to keep up with the latest developments and to apply them in practice.


The machinery is set up in such a way that we can meet every customer's requirements. We can therefore adapt very quickly to different situations.


We only sell products to our customers that we would buy for our own animals. We offer expertise and advice to our customers and provide them with a total solution.


The daily development and production of private label supplements ensures that we improve the performance and health of agricultural and domestic animals. We are convinced that this positively influences the welfare of the end customer.


It is our ambition to be the worldwide reference in the private label market for the development and production of supplements for all animal species.

We consciously choose not to establish our own brands, so that we remain a loyal partner for companies that run their brand of feed supplements for animals.