Production and packaging

We are experienced in bulk or small production with fitting packaging for your needs.

Types of products

Liquid and Oils

Minimum order of 100 liter.
Bottles and bags.


Minimum order of 100kg.
Jar and bags.

Functional snacks (soft chew)

Minimum order of 200 kg.
Doypacks and jars.


Minimum order of 500 kg.
Jar and bags.


Minimum order of 500 incubator tubes.
Also available in bags.


Tablets, capsules, chewing gums,
effervescent tablet and boluses...

Liquid and Oils

Minimal order of 100 liter.

Packaging sizes start from 50ml.
Available in bottles and bags.

A selection of our packaging options:


Minimal order of 75 kg.

Packaging sizes start from 100 gr.
Available in jar and bags.

A selection of our packaging options:

Functional snacks (soft chews)


Like all our products, our functional snacks are tailor-made. We understand that every animal is unique, so we customise the composition to meet your pet’s specific needs.

Weight and packaging options
  • The weight of our functional snacks can range from 1.5 to 4.5 grams, meaning we can produce everything in between.
  • We offer flexible packaging options, including convenient pouches (doypacks) and sturdy jars. Our jars are available in different materials, such as HDPE, cardboard, recycled materials and metal packaging.
  • The choice of the number of sweets per jar or bag is entirely up to you. We want to make sure you always have enough stock to spoil your pet.
Variety in taste

Our functional snacks come in a range of flavours to satisfy even the most demanding pets:

  • Meat options: fish, beef, lamb and chicken for true meat lovers.
  • Insect snacks for dogs with allergies to traditional protein sources.
  • 100% plant-based snacks for vegetarian and vegan pets.
Various shapes

Give your pet a treat in its favourite shape! Our snacks are available in various shapes, including hearts, bones, rounds, squares, and stars.


Minimal order of 500 kg.

Packaging sizes start from 500 gr.
Available in jar and bags.

A selection of our packaging options:


Minimal order of 500 incubator tubes.

Syringes available in 30 ml and 60 ml.
Also available in bags.

A selection of our packaging options:


Tablets, capsules, chewing gums, effervescent tablet and boluses…​

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We also produce gummies.

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How it works

Whenever you have an idea for a product or formulation, you want to extend your gamma, you wanna start a new brand or you need support with packaging and production.

Nutriliq always supports your business with a critical view and high standards. 

We handle every project with the necessary discretion and respect the budget.
With every feed supplement question or need, Nutriliq is your reliable partner.


A face-to-face conversation where we get to know your business and your needs. Together we explore the possibilities.


We set goals and Nutriliq fully supports your business. We make sure everything is legally correct and within the budget.


We produce a small batch of samples. In that way we can change the product or packaging when necessary.


We make sure the packaging of your private label is branded with your own logo and brand name.


We produce the finished product and deliver it to you.


We maintain a successful partnership and Nutriliq keeps supporting your feed supplement business.

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